Smart Building Conference 2019

Aryanour Djalali
Architect, Chairman & CEO

My experience in the architecture has been very intense and rewarding. Like many, I started out as architects of vocation, without sponsors, sleeping little and with great enthusiasm. From the beginning I developed a base of contacts from individuals and professionals that still keep expanding attentively. I believe a lot in the Law of Attraction and thanks to all of them I have been building my company. People ultimately make the companies, business is made among people, and I try to capture their sensitivities to get to them. I define me as an architect who translates ideas into projects with regard to realize them and the secret is how to attract and translate this sensibility into art from a business perspective. In this process also participates my team which shares this great cognitive experience. In architecture you are what you live. Your background, your family, your education is the cause of everything that reflex in your creativity. My way of doing architecture is linked to my experiences in life, and these are reflected in my projects. I like to live, learn about other cultures, other people and straightforward to keep learning experiences that ultimately apply in my work.

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