Smart Building Conference 2018

Szymon Slupik

Szymon Slupik is CTO at Silvair, developers of an end-to-end smart lighting platform for commissioning and managing large-scale connected lighting systems in commercial spaces. He also serves as Chair of the Mesh Working Group at Bluetooth SIG, where he was recently awarded 2017 Committee Chair of the Year, 2017 Working Group of the Year and 2017 Outstanding Technical Contributor of the Year. In giving the award for Outstannading Technical Contributor, Bluetooth SIG noted, Szymon has been the leading contributor and author of the mesh model specification, delivering extremely deep and well thought architecture that has been fundamental to the success of mesh. He has been a co-author of the ground-breaking concept of Mesh Device Properties. On other fronts Szymon has contributed to upcoming significant performance improvements of Bluetooth mesh networking via enhancement proposals to the Bluetooth Core Specification. Szymon has also authored the Beacons for Channel indication and beacon management FRDs. Finally, Szymon led the effort to create the Mesh Professional Lighting Subgroup and has been the co-author and contributor to the IEC 62386 (DALI) Model FRD.

Session with this speaker

February 5 | 15:00-15:30 | Smart Building Conference 2018 | Commercial Track, Room E101 (Forum)
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