Smart Building Conference 2018

David B. Hofmann
Managing Partner

David B. Hofmann is Managing Partner of mm1, the consultancy for Connected Business in Stuttgart, and Director of mm1 Technology in Berlin. He consults clients during the conception and development of digital offerings, as well as building new fields of business fields in the digital world. At mm1, he is responsible for the activities in the area of Consumer IoT with focus on Smart Home, Home Networking, Future of TV and he is an expert in the TIME sector (including telecommunication, information technology, media & electronics). He has advised clients in telecommunication, energy and industrial sectors, building and medical industries, as well as household appliances and consumer electronics manufacturer for 13 years in the design of innovative products and solutions as well as the development of new fields of business and business models. He studied Media System Design (Diploma), i.e. Business Administration, Computer Science, Communication Design, in Darmstadt and later graduated with MBA in Los Angeles

Session with this speaker

February 5 | 14:00-14:30 | Smart Building Conference 2018 | Residential Track, Room E102