February 5 | 16:20-16:50 | Smart Building Conference 2018 | Commercial Track, Room E101 (Forum)
PoE-enabled Computing: The Next Step in the Digital Building
Session Location
E 101

Digital buildings are here to stay. IP convergence is the mantra of the smart building–the concept of using a single IP network to replace as many as eight or nine different systems, each having proprietary wiring, connectors, pathways, and “service experts,” is a no-brainer. Not only is the approach more cost effective, but it is safer because these solutions can integrate low-voltage remote powering technology, such as Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE computing is the powering of computers with a standard Ethernet cable and the traditional RJ45 connector– no 120 V/60 Hz electrical mains connection is required.

  • PoE computing is the next step in the digital building.
  • The PoE ecosystem is about to change drastically with the emergence of cost-effective PoE-enabled desktop computers.
  • PoE technology consumes less power and features greater efficiency due to fewer AC-to-DC conversion losses, which makes it an attractive proposition for businesses and offices.
Technical Manager
The Siemon Company
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