February 5 | 15:50-16:20 | Smart Building Conference 2018 | Residential Track, Room E102
Convergence to Smart Assisted Living Solutions
Session Location
E 102

People in the Western world are aging but prefer to keep living secure, safe and comfortable in their trusted environments. Traditional care facilities are disappearing and new assisted living solutions arise through buildings equipped with smart supporting technology to flexibly facilitate occupants, care-assist providers, facility managers and developers of buildings/apartments/homes. We are at an early stage of new developments where smart assisted living solutions will be integrated in buidings.

  • Explore trends of the aging population that wants to stay longer in a trusted environment whilst at the same time require more assistance and care and data/information.
  • Business cases of smart assisted living projects in Belgium which address the vital roles of a technology platform and the process of stakeholder management
  • Benefits through smart technology over the life-time of a building for the various stakeholders of that smart assisted living project/building
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