Marcus Tempte
Friday Labs
Co-Founder & CEO

Marcus Tempte is the Co-Founder & CEO of Friday Labs. Friday Labs is a consumer electronics startup, consisting of multiple industry-leading companies within the lock, door and architectural spaces. The vision is to make home automation simple and beautiful by amalgamating the latest technology and unobtrusive design. Through minimalistic design and innovative features and materials, each product is able to complement any home. Marcus has worked in the consumer electronics industry for 18 years and co-founded several CE companies, both in the manufacturing and distribution space. His core focus has been providing easy-to-understand propositions to consumers through simple messaging (for example, the roll-out of Skype hardware products to more than 80 countries and distribution through mass market and top tier retails). Marcus has overseen more than 50 product launches in the consumer electronics and electronic toy space. Outside of Friday Labs, Marcus advises a host of startups in the tech space.

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