February 5 | 11:30-12:00 | Smart Building Conference 2018 | Commercial Track, Room E101 (Forum)
How Smart Buildings Can Create Value
Session Location
E 101

Driving occupant experience will be a crucial cornerstone of buildings–- the industry must drive new customer value via continuous optimizations and productivity gains.

In this session, we’ll review of some of the world’s latest smart buildings, explore some of the newest and most innovative strategies including the outsourcing of building management, and focus on how we define and address the productivity of occupants.

  • Smart Buildings must go beyond energy-saving and IT technology to untap the greater value by addressing the personal productivity of occupants
  • Why new entrants will disrupt the management of smart buildings now and forever
  • Understand the requirements of a new definition of “productivity”
VP Smart Space
Siemens Switzerland
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